When you’re studying literary texts from a cultural study perspective You’ll need to keep three key words at the forefront of your head that are power, identity and representation.

In examining literature in the context of cultural studies they are all ways through which literature could be studied. Evolutionism. Disability theory is A theory of academic study that studies what disability means in the society and how that significance is affected by the culture and society. From the beginning in the 19th century, evolutionist thought shaped the course of the emerging science.

Postcolonial literary theory is an approach to literature that employs literature to examine the implications of colonialism and empire (when nations exert influence over others to obtain money and power). One of the major responsibilities of cultural anthropology was believed to be the classification of diverse cultures and societies as well as defining the various phases and states that humans go through, the linear interpretation of historical events. In addition, because the field of cultural studies is focused on the challenge to hegemonic views Literary and cultural studies scholars also deal with literature that is not in the literary canon, such as literature and pop culture and other texts that reflect a range of voices. Certain groups move more slowly, while others advance quicker, when they progress from the basic to complex, from the homogeneous to the heterogeneous, and from the insane into the rational. Literary canon is a collection of literary works traditionally thought of as high culture and the most important literary works from a specific time and location. It is enough to refer to an American Anthropologist Lewis Henry Morgan: Geoffery Chaucer (c.

1340s-1400) and William Shakespeare (1564-1616) are two of the most famous characters from the Western literary canon. There is no doubt that some members of the human species have lived in an environment of savagery different parts in a state that is barbarism, as well as some with a high degree of civilization and it is equally apparent that these three distinct circumstances are linked both in a natural and as a necessary order of advancement ( Ancient Society , 1877). Cultural studies examples.

Other quotes from the Scotsman, John F. When you’re studying literary texts from a cultural study perspective You’ll need to keep three key words at the forefront of your head that are power, identity and representation. MacLennan, and the Englishman, Edward B. Based on these three terms Ask yourself these questions about the book you’ve selected or texts you wish to analyze: Tylor will adopt the same view. What is the text’s particular economic, social, or cultural significance? Cultural anthropology then began to examine the entire human cultural system within space and time. What kinds of power structures (fictional and non-fictional) are you able to identify from the texts? By assuming an idea of the linear nature of history it often overlooked the many interconnections and discontinuities in real-time historical events.

Who are the texts primary readers? Morgan and especially Tylor however, occasionally believed it was necessary to introduce the concept of "diffusion," or spread of characteristics of culture across different cultures, suggesting that these characteristics can develop independently, but also converge, and the same people could move through "stages" of development through borrowing from other. How does the person’s character fit into unique socio-economic, particular cultural and Additionally, because it was believed that all humans had the same psychological perspective or that something referred to as "human character" is universal, anthropology was unable to recognize the reality that the same cultural attribute can mean different things dependent on the society which it’s found. What are the implications of the text for the structures of power as well as social, economic or cultural issues? Marxism and collectors.

Do these representations support or challenge hegemonic notions and values? Then in the second period of the 19th century an alternative form of evolutionism emerged and was developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Let’s online say we wish to analyze the representation of subcultures of the youth within the Netflix series Stranger Things (2016-present) series . In part, it was in opposition to the concept of anthropological evolution (Marx’s Critique of Political Economy is dated from 1859) but also a bit akin to it (Engels the most influential work came out shortly after Morgan’s Ancient Society and used the theory) In the end, the Marxist theory focused on the causes that led to human evolution. Here are a few key aspects that we could discuss: The definition of a society was based on its production method that was the basis on which its political, legal, and ideological superstructures believed to be on.

Power: Stranger Things was created by Netflix which is a well-known multi-national American streaming company. The superstructures were still in existence when the method of production was altered; and in the subsequent war this contradiction was the catalyst for opening the way for an entirely new kind of society.

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